Here is a list of used towers, antennas,

rotators and other equipment available.

Check out these pieces for sale.

If you see anything interesting, let me know.

Also, if you don't see what you want or need, send me an e-mail or give me a call. I get stuff all the time and don't always have time to get up on the site..

Prices are negotiable.

Update 4/19//2014


FOR SALE:  Tri-Ex LM-237 heavy duty 2 section, freestanding crank up tower. Includes mast, thrust bearing, rotor plate, coax arms, and 12 volt electric winch. Tower rated at 20 sq ft.(see Tashjian web site for details) Electric winch requires 12 volt battery or power supply. Excellent condition. New cables. $1400.00. Pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping.

For Sale: 4 Element SteppIR antenna with the 30/40 meter driven loop. Includes the passive 6 meter elements. Comes with original controller and power supply, tranceiver interface, 25 pin connector and control cable. This antenna new is over $3500.00. Asking $2000.00. Pick up only, Woodland Hills, CA.

SOLD:  FOR SALE: US Tower HDX-555 MDPL  55 ft heavy duty crank up, free standing tower. This tower has stainless steel cable and the MDPL motor drive with pull down cable and level wind.  Includes limit switches, 15 ft mast, thrust bearing, base plate, rotor plate and coax arms. This package new is over $9000.00.  Asking $5000.00.  Pick up Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping

SOLD:  FOR SALE: Diamond F-22 2 meter vertical base station antenna. like new. $45.00 plus shipping.

FOR SALE: Antenna   Hygain TH7DXX 7 element tribander, 10-15-20 meters, with balun. Hygain Ham IV rotor and controller.  $400.00  Pickup Woodland Hills, CA.

SOLD:  I have two, 24 ft x 2" od x 1/4" wall chromalloy masts. These are very heavy duty for large antenna arrays. Galvanized and in good condition. Asking $350.00 each. Pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping. I don't think these can go UPS.

Mosley CL-33 Classic 3 element tribander. 18 ft boom, stainless hardware. Good condition. $150.00 Antenna is partially assembled. Pickup only Woodland Hills, CA

Cushcraft A50-5, Six meter beam. 10.5 dbi gain 12 ft boom, Sells new for $200.00.  Asking $100.00.  Pickup woodland Hills, CA or buyers pays shipping.

Cushcraft A13B2 13 element 2 meter beam. Gain 15.8 dbd, rated at 2000 watts pep.  Includes UltraMatch. Excellent condition. sells new for $250.00.  Asking $150.00. Pickup Woodland Hills, CA. Antenna is completely assembled.  shipping will require complete disassembling, boxed and shipped at buyers expense.

SteppIR Dipole. Includes control box, balun and control cable. Excellent condition. $500.00 plus shipping

Hygain/CDE T2X Tailtwister rotor and control.  Excellent like new condition. Includes new hardware and manual and original box. $425.00 plus shipping

Tri-Ex LM-354HD  54 ft heavy duty 3 section, free standing crankup tower. Motorized 40:1 winch with limit switches, thrust bearing, coax arms, rotor plate, and 15 ft heavy duty mast.  Tower is in excellent condition.  New base is available from Tashjian Towers.  This package new is over $6300.00.  Asking  $4000.00.  Pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping.

M2 KT-36XA Brand New.   6 element dual driven 10-15-20 meter tribander.  32 ft x 3" boom, 4:1 balun.  Antenna has never been assembled and is complete but no box. M2 price $2037.00.  Asking $1200.00. Pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer pays for shipping and box.

SOLD:  US Tower RMC-1000 Tower remote control.  Consist of control box, relay box and limit switches with mounting brackets.  This will work with any motorized tower with pull down cable.  Unit sells new for $1870.00.  I'm asking $900.00 or offer. This was actually removed from an Tri-Ex LM-470.

SOLD:  US Tower  MA-550 Tubular tower, includes MARB-550 freestanding rotor base, coax arms, IV-16 inverted V standoff arm, electric winch and new cables. Excellent condition. This package new would be over $4000.00.  Asking $2000.00. Pick up Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping.

KLM KT34XA  6 element Tribander, Includes 4:1 Balun. Good condition, but needs some new hardware. $150.00

Tristao (US Tower) TX-455 MDP 3 section, free standing motorized crank up tower. Has MDP-750 motor drive with pull up/ pull down, limit switches. Includes mast, thrust bearing, coax arms, rotor plate, base T-Plate, new cables. Asking $2200.00. Pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping.

FOR SALE: Tri-Ex LM-354  Tri-Ex 54 ft heavy duty 3 section free standing crankup tower. Has 25:1 hand crank worm drive winch. Includes rotor plate. New cables. Good condition. Asking $1500.00. Pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping

Hitachi V-209 20 mhz Oscilloscope.  Runs on AC or Battery.  Works good.  Excellent condition. Includes manual.  Asking $450.00. plus shipping.  This unit was $1000.00 new.

T-Base for a US Tower HDX-572 or TX-489.  Never installed.  No anchor bolts or mounting bolts.  This was purchased for a customer and never did the installation. They are $799.00 new.  If you are planning on putting up one of these towers, you can do the concrete ahead of time and order the tower without the base and save some money.  Make me an offer. 

EF Johnson Low Pass Filter Good condition. $35.00 shipped

B & W TVI Filter  #FL-10/1500 good condition. $35.00 shipped

Unidilla 2 position remote coax switch. #105 and C-105 switch and coupler. Feeds control voltage through coax. No extra wiring needed. $100.00 plus shipping.